Open every day of the year!

We’re the on-call clinic for the Tecumseh Community Family Health Group. We are also a ONE-STOP URGENT CARE CLINIC serving the Essex county community every day of the year no matter who your family physician is or if you have a family physician or not.

The CLINIC currently covers for evening and weekend on call for any urgent care needs for the following family physicians:

Dr. W. Albus
Dr. S. Amster
Dr. A. Azam
Dr. P.A. Bekasia

Dr. G. Butler
Dr. N. Koutras
Dr. N. Koutelas
Dr. C. McFarlane

Dr. B. Ryglewicz
Dr. K. Ryglewicz
Dr. A. Sirek
Dr. N. Sleiman

13278 Tecumseh Road East, Suite #101,
Tecumseh, Ontario N8N 3T6
Call 519-979-5260

Open Every Day of the Year!